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Crispy Chicken Burger
  • Currently 4/5
If you want to try a healthy alternative to the otherwise delicious fried chicken burger then s ..
All-American Burger
  • Currently 4/5
Prepare one of the most popular meal around the world! Slice the meat, the onion, tomatoes and ..
Deluxe Hamburgers
  • Currently 4/5
Make your own hamburger with toppings such as ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, beacons and more! T ..
Hamburger King Contest
  • Currently 4/5
Are you the king of the hamburger? We will be able to see it in this game where you have to fig ..
Cheesy Burger
  • Currently 4/5
Do you love burgers? Do you have what it takes to be the best burger vendor? We'll prove i ..
Big Burger Cooking
  • Currently 4/5
There are many ingredients which you can use when you want to prepare a burger, but to make it ..
CheeseBurger Supreme
  • Currently 4/5
Get ready! Build these giant 3d Cheeseburgers as fast as your customers can order! Watch Out! S ..
Cooking a Hamburger
  • Currently 3.5/5
Do you want to learn to cook a delicious hamburger with tomato, pickles, onions and more? Now y ..
BurgerTime Deluxe
  • Currently 4/5
Let the culinary capers commence in BurgerTime Deluxe! Help Peter Pepper as he uses his assortm ..
Hamburger Making Competition
  • Currently 4/5
This cooking game for girls has many fun and challenging levels. Compete against a computer opp ..
Double Cheese Burger
  • Currently 4/5
A single cheese burger just isn't enough! That's why you've got to double it and ..
Burger Cooking
  • Currently 4/5
Burger Cooking Game.