Easter Cupcakes Chef
Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
Softie Sugar Cookies
Wedding Cake Shop
Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake
Deluxe Hamburgers
Red Pepper Frittata Squares
Chocolate Chip Muffins
Papa Louie
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Baking Games
Softie Sugar Cookies
After a long day at school, every girls want to do something to relax. Here is what I suggest: put your oven gloves on ..
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Rainbow Sugar Cookies
Carrot Cake Shindig
Cinnamon Roll Brunch
Buckeye Pie
Burger Games
Crispy Chicken Burger
If you want to try a healthy alternative to the otherwise delicious fried chicken burger then step right up. Make the br ..
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All-American Burger
Deluxe Hamburgers
Hamburger King Contest
Cheesy Burger
Cake Games
Easter Cupcakes Chef
This chef is one of the best in town and he's decided to teach you how to cook delicious Easter cupcakes.
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Hot Fudge Ice Cream Cake
Creamy Cheesecake
Strawberry Short Cake
Apple and Walnut Cake
Drink Games
Fresh Lemon Drink
Drinking Lemon water has many health benefits but the first reason why we think it's a good idea it is because it i ..
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Make A Strawberry Smoothie
Mix Master Juice
Yummy Milkshake
Toto's Cocktails
Food Serving Games
Fast Food Magic
- Click left mouse to throw foods to customer on windows of the building - Click Space Bar to get more food when out of ..
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Hot Dog Serving
Fancy Pizzeria
Busy Restaurant
Yummy Yummy Bonanza
Holiday Games
Turkey Meatballs
The national festival Thanksgiving day is fast approaching! If you haven't decided what to make for your Thanksgivi ..
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Sara's Cooking Class: Pumpkin Pie
Valentine Cake Decor
Candy Corn Fudge
Valentine Cake
Ice Cream Games
First Ice Cream Machine
A little known secret about monkeys is that they absolutely love ice cream! Help this cute little guy make his own favor ..
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Kids Ice Cream Serving
Icecream Joe
Sara's Cooking Class: Ice Cream Cake
Popsicles: Sara's Cooking Class
Management Games
Serve Yummy Cupcakes
It's festival season! You have renovated the Cupcake shop to attract the customers with the seasonal cupcakes. Make ..
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Baker's Store
Pastry Shop
Astro Cafe
Ice Cream Shop Management
Meal Games
Chocolate Waffles
What's better than a chocolate waffles to satisfy your friends? Today is your lucky day! You've been invited t ..
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Fluffy Omelette Cooking
Flapjacks Tall Stack
Seafood Pasta
Caesar Salad Recipe
Pizza Games
Doggy Dinner Stuffed Pizza
Stuffed pizzas are basically just folded over pizza slices. Baked in an oven with whatever filling you want, these calz ..
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By the Slice
Cooking Bacon Pizza
Hero Pizza
Pita Pizzas
Restaurant Games
Wedding Cake Shop
Enjoy this great cooking game where you are running a wedding cake shop. Here your tasked with combining ingredients com ..
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Papa's Pastaria
Pizza Restaurant
Papa's Cupcakeria
Hopy Pizzeria
Other Games
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Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows
Monster Eats Food
Veggie Samosa Feast
Lollipop Designer